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About our company

Castle Trading Group is a group of companies formed by Castle Trading Group LLC (USA), Castle Trading Group Inc (Marshall Islands) and Castle Trading Group Inc (Seychelles).

Our knowledge  and  experience  in  supplies of tires,  various equipment and  related constituent parts  manufactured in  Russia and CIS-countries contribute  to  our successful  operation at the international market.  We   invite  all  interested  purchasers   involved in: -

  • wholesale sales of tires of Russian  manufacturers and CIS countries such as  Voltyre,  Yaroslavshina,  Omskshina, Niznekamskshina, Belshina, Rosava;
  • wholesale sales of spare  and constituent parts to MAZ, MTZ, BelAZ,  KAMAZ, URAL,  LADA, VAZ, UAZ and UAZ equipped with  an  ANDORIA diesel engine, MZKT etc; 
  • supply of screening-and-crushing  equipment and related constituent  parts; 
  • supply of  attached implements such as ploughs, seeders, trailers, excavators, loaders etc. 

The Company can also arrange deliveries of the following miniproduction plants and equipment: 

  • equipment for food industry and  processing  the farm products (mini-factories  of various  production capacities for meat, dairy and other industries; oil refineries etc; 
  • power generators and  minipower plants; 
  • water purification and decontamination plant;
  • mini-factories for  manufacturing construction materials (bricks, blocks and  plates); 
  • pieces of furniture,  furniture rough workpieces and all necessary  equipment  for   launching an assembling production operation;  

The geography of our supplies covers Europe, the countries of Middle East and Africa.  We have been intensively developing our markets in Latin America, Canada and USA. Availability of subsidiaries and agency companies in a number of countries contributes to the success of our business operations. 

The goods of your interest can be shipped by trucks, railway, sea and air. The methods of delivery depend on a geographical location of a recipient country,   the nature of goods and requests of a client. On requests of our clients we can attract independent cargo inspectors such as SGS, Veritas etc.

With the aim of optimizing  business activities in the CIS, group of companies "Castle Trading Group" has a representative in the Republic of Belarus.