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Equipment \ —rushing equipment

Crushing-and-screening  equipment  is   designed for  producing   the crushed stone and chipping as well as other construction  materails  by  processing:- 

  • mine rocks;
  • metallurgical sullage; 
  • consturction wastes including  those  come from  housebreaking;
  • concrete poles of  railway  overhead systems; 
  • urban ores.  

Below please find some  types of crushing-and-screening equipment: 


  • Cone crushers; 
  • Jaw crushers;
  • Rotor crushers;
  • Hummer  crushers;
  • Special purpose  crushers.

The crushers  are dsigned for  fragmenting and breaking  various ores, nonmetallics and  similar materials. 


  • Plate  feeders;
  • Vibrating feeders;
  • Locking feeders.

The feeders  provide  for   uniform  feeding  of  loose and  lump stuffs.


  • Unbalanced-throw screens;
  • Self-balanced screens;
  • Grizzly screens.

Screens are used for   fractional  sorting of   the  crushed stone,  gravel-and-sand masses and other materials  at   stationary   and  modular/mobile  crushing-and-screening  plants. 


These  systems are designed  for  transpoting   loose  and lump materials.  Converyors can be used both  as   structural components  of crusing-and-screening  plants and  as  independent units.  They are continuous-operation  mecahnisms  due to  their  endless travelling belt   that serves  as  a  pulling and  bearing member  enveloping  the driving drums of  the  tensioning device.


  • Plants for coarse crushing;
  • Plants for medium crushing;
  • Plants for fine crushing;
  • Granulation plants;
  • Sorting plants;
  • Plants for processing contsruction wastes.