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Castle Trading Group can  supply  the interested companies with the  following goods:  

  • crushing-and-screening equipment such as  jaw, cone, rotor and hummer  crushers; feeders, screens, conveyors, mobile and transported  processing plants as well as related  constituent parts;   Details 
  • rubber technical goods (conveyor belts, hose pipes, gaskets, bands, couplings etc); 
  • equipment for  food industry and  processing  the farm products (mini factories of various  production capacities for  meat, dairy  and other industries;   mini oil refineries   and  processing eqipment for  cotton, crops etc); 
  • power generators and  minipower plants; 
  • mini factories for  manufacturing construction materials (bricks, blocks and  plates); 
  • pieces of furniture,  furniture rough workpieces and  all necessary  equipment  for   launching   an  assembling  production operation; 
  • water purificaton and decontamination plants. 

We'll l be happy to  hear  and consider  your cooperation  inquiries and proposals.